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Bible Reading Plan: The Bible is God's Word to us, it is his love letter to his people.  Just like we need to be eating food each day to help us physically.  We also need to our spiritual food too.  As a church we have been reading through the Bible together for a number of years.  The next 2 years we will be using the Perimeter Church 2 year Bible reading plan that gives us daily readings in the Old and New Testament.  Our church has copies of this plan for you to take and it fits right in your Bible.  You can google the plan to download on your computer or you can pick up a copy in the church lobby.  The life group on Wednesdays, at 1pm, will be from the scriptures that we have read that week.  As we dive into God's Word we are seeing the amazing activity of God that began before the life of Adam and Eve and continues today.  Join the adventure and allow God to show you Himself in a whole new way.  Our Services are on Sundays, at 10:45AM.  We also have Bible Classes for at 9:30AM on Sundays and two life groups during the week.  Even if you didn't start at the beginning of the year you can jump in where we currently are in God's Word.

Sermon Series: The Acts of the church: We began the year going through the gospel of John and learning some amazing truths about Jesus and ourselves. Jesus told his disciples about the amazing gift that he was going to give to his disciples when he would leave and go back to his Father.  The Book of Acts tells the story of how the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of the early church.  The book of Acts does not stop with the end of this New Testament book.  The story continues to play out today as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. God wants to transform us and have us join Him in the work that He is doing in our world.  Come and join us for this amazing journey together.

Life Groups: Our life groups are designed to help us grow and share life together.  By sharing what we are learning, bringing questions from our readings, and praying for each other, it feels like family.  We have put together a couple of life groups to further discuss some of the questions that arise and things that we are discovering as we are reading through the Bible together.  We also have a time to share and pray for the needs of those who attend.  We have a group that meets on Wednesdays, at 1pm, here at the church, that Pastor Chuck leads.  We have another group that meets on Thursday evenings, at 7pm, that is lead by Mike Simpson, in homes.  You can call or e-mail the church to get the locations where these groups are meeting.  Jump into the Bible reading and come and join the discussion.

Church Potluck: Everyone loves to eat!  Potluck Sundays are great time to come let your taste buds rejoice.  These are always on the first Sunday of each month. Following the morning service. Bring your family and come and join us.

Bible Class: Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. as we look into God's Word to discover what He has to say about balancing our lives with the life that he calls us to live.  We have classes for adults.

Lunch Bunch: Each month we have a special day set aside to get together for lunch, for those who want to connect and eat. We usually get together on the 4th Thursday of the month.  Our next gathering will be on May 24, at 11:30am at Bend Burger Company, on 3rd Steet,   Invite and friend and come on out and join us.

Puppet Ministry: We have a great puppet ministry team here at Sisters Naz.  We use a lot of songs that are created for puppet teams to bring Biblical messages to his people.  Pastor Chuck uses some of these as illustrations in his messages.  If this is something that sounds interesting to you, we would love to have you come and join us.   We are practicing on Thursdays, at 3:40pm.  We will be doing our final performance before the summer on June 10th, during the morning worship service.

Sister Rodeo: The Sisters Rodeo is a lot of fun to be a part of.  On Sunday, June 10, a group from the church will attend the finals of the rodeo at 1pm.  Come and join us for church and then plan on joining us for the fun at the rodeo.  You can come in your rodeo gear.


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